Our Story

Identifying The Need

In 2008, Drs. David Golden and Howard Stein decided to leverage the buying power of their combined eight locations in an effort to reduce their cost of goods. Very quickly, they discovered they could greatly improve their bottom line by purchasing in a collective manner. In Dr. David Golden's words, "We started PERC to improve our own businesses, and we quickly realized that there are many other successful practices that also wanted to do better. We understood that the best way to grow and improve is to work collectively."

After surveying the marketplace and talking to many colleagues, Howard and David discovered that other large practices were paying much more for many products than they had negotiated for themselves. Although many colleagues thought they had negotiated excellent pricing from their vendors, they soon realized that compared to Stein and Golden, they were not getting a fair shake. It became clear there was a need in the industry for someone to negotiate on behalf of the larger practices.

Forming and Growing PERC

Beginning in 2009, they invited other large practices in Southern California to join them, and they formed the Professional Eyecare Resource Co-operative (PERC). Growth spread like wildfire; first to Northern California, then Oregon, and then to the East Coast, all through word-of-mouth with no advertising or marketing.

Our remarkable growth has enabled us to add benefits like frame distribution, healthcare integration and unique vendor partnerships.

Today, PERC+IVA has over 4000 members in 50 states and continues to grow rapidly.

About DR. Howard Stein

Dr. Howard E. Stein is a board certified optometrist who is DPA and TPA licensed to use diagnostic and therapeutic medications. Dr. Stein graduated from Southern California College of Optometry in 1959. He Is a member of the South Bay Optometric Society, the Califoria Optometric Society, the American Optometric Association, and the Contact Lens and Cornea Section of the American Optometric Association.


About DR. David B. Golden

Dr. David Golden graduated with honors from Southern California College of Optometry in 1987. Prior to receiving his Doctor of Optometry degree he attended the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Golden completed his externship training at the Albuquerque Indian Hospital in Albuquerque, N.M. Immediately following Optometry School graduation, he was selected to become a full time Clinical Faculty at Southern California College.